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BOOK NEWS! OLIVIA TWIST, new historical YA releasing March 2018

Author Lorie Langdon / News  / BOOK NEWS! OLIVIA TWIST, new historical YA releasing March 2018

BOOK NEWS! OLIVIA TWIST, new historical YA releasing March 2018

Cover Reveal Coming Soon! 

For the first ten years of her life, orphan Olivia Brownlow masquerades as a boy and survives the dark recesses of London by joining a band of pickpockets led by the legendary Artful Dodger —until a miracle reunites her with her great uncle. Now a teen living the life of high teas and sumptuous balls, Olivia can’t forget her past and does everything she can to help a gang of homeless orphans—even if the crimes she commits in the process jeopardize the security she’s worked so hard to build.

Jack ‘The Artful Dodger’ MacCarron’s life is turned upside down when he’s caught stealing from the eccentric Widow March. Instead of having him arrested, the old woman offers to take him in…if he’ll use his unique skills to help her regain her fortune. Outwardly transformed into a gentleman, Jack’s good looks and charisma earn him entrance into the wealthiest households in London, where he smiles while pocketing their most valuable treasures.

When Olivia recognizes Jack at a dinner party and follows him on a heist, she’s sucked into a dark world of high-stakes intrigue where the charming jewel thief attempts to steal her heart. But the harder Jack fights to escape his past, the more it draws him back in and he struggles to become worthy of Olivia’s affections. Until Olivia is framed for murder, and Jack realizes he’ll sacrifice anything to save the woman he loves—including his own life.

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